Friday, March 28, 2008


I've kept myself buried in my "photo cave" since returning from my quick trip to Sacramento last week. After a couple of successful book projects, one for Diane from her retirement odyssey last spring and another for Jesse and Carmen's wedding in July I launched into a third book from my trip last May with the Sacramento Ballet to China, a much broader endeavor. There is a purpose to my hermitic behavior which needs to remain undisclosed for awhile. Suffice to say, the editing of photos, layout, type, copy editing and overall proofing of the product was difficult yet amazingly efficient even though I've been at it for a week. Think about that: taking a collection of photos from a two-week, non-stop experience and converting it all into a ready-to-publish book in seven days on a Mac. The production details almost made me forget what was happening outside, a wild spring snowstorm that has dumped about 6" here at the foot of the Cascades. Snow in the Willamette Valley? Much more in the higher elevations. I've conceded defeat and just can't bring myself to shovel the driveway at the end of March. A trip to the mailbox adds insult: spring and summer catalogues from L.L. Bean and R.E.I. with glorious covers of lazy days I think will not be seen here anytime soon. After the book was uploaded and out of my computer I grabbed a camera and got out of the house to see what my mushy brain and eye would concoct. The fence was perfect in it's graphic symbolism of getting over a barrier and back into the real world. Hellloo!

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