Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Circle of LIfe

With Spring approaching the high desert in central Oregon the circle of life is in full swing. For Gayle Baker and her herd of cattle, the "girls," as she calls them calving season is a busy time of year. She watches carefully as each cow proceeds through the birthing process and for the most part, all has gone well. One calf was born with very low birth weight and was not feeding with her momma so Gayle used a substitute milk formula to get the calf through the first few days of life.

I have been out on the bike a couple of times when the weather was temperate enough for comfortable riding. I do still attend two spin classes a week which are 60 minutes of near-threshold work. With the surgery date now three months away I am more intent on getting as strong as possible. I think a lot about the pace of my life in a time-space continuum manner. Space being a three dimensional concept is understandable; time, the forth dimension is more difficult to comprehend in relation to space until I'm on the bike traveling through time and space as an ordinary activity. This is probably not what physicists would affirm. Life does move that way for me in most instances and probably for Gayle and her girls as well. Castenada's observation didn't mention the time it takes to understand the space one occupies at any given time. That one's on me.

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