Tuesday, February 05, 2008

The spirit lives on, doesn't it?

Even on a "down" day there is some redeeming element; that was a photograph I made a couple of days ago and thought I'd hold for future use. Today, as it turns out, is a fine time to use it since it's been a fairly lousy day for me. I canceled a trip to Sacramento (a weather-related precaution) so I attended my regular cycling spin class. Never in many weeks have my knees screamed so defiantly. I tapered off and finished a 60-minute session in pain. That set the tone to match the gray-brown, slushy world outside. Back home, the lid on the mayonaise jar was not on tight and the jar dropped to the floor spewing the contents on the refrigerator door. Now I'm seriously bummed. My sour mood continued the rest of the day until I figured out that the blog will come to the rescue. Write it down, it will get better. When I remembered the photo of the holiday tree still lit out in Camp Sherman I got a visual smack upside the head. Get over it and be content. It's still a beautiful place out there, perhaps not so much here today and that will change. Like my mood.


-rob. said...

also a great time to call up The Bulletin photo staff and say "time for a beer, eh?"

how about Wed. night, Bend?

i've been luvin' the blog, btw.


Anonymous said...

hey - Edson showed me your blog -
cool, but the Farrand ladies are still cuter!
hope this finds you well & warm - what is this white stuff anyway??
gonna drive "the loneliest road" - metaphorically been walkin it for almost 10yrs so might as well do reno to ely....
take care yosemitejay!