Thursday, January 31, 2008

The White Forest

Winter slammed Central Oregon as hard as any day this winter. Right up front here I'll apologize for being on the weather theme for another day, however, it was only late in the afternoon as I was working on a book project for Diane when I made the effort to get out of the house and out into the the thick of it. Snow, unlike rain in Sacramento that disappears down a storm drain, is simply beautiful. It stays around and dresses the trees in fluffy gowns and, when the wind is benign, a magical calm occurs in the forest. Highway 20 west of Sisters was closed for avalanches on Santiam Pass and the only traffic heading toward the roadblock was the locals going home to Black Butte Ranch or Camp Sherman. Hello February, the quiet month.


Chris said...

Beautiful photos of the area, Jay. This winter is much, much harsher than the one we had there last winter. And it's only now February 1~

White Forest said...

i am honoured to come across your blog thru the "The White FOrest"

simply beautiful!

Congratulations for winning the 1980 Pulitzer Prize!!