Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Getting out, white-out.

This winter has not disappointed those in the area who love the snow. Since my trip last week up Gobbler Knob the sun hasn't been seen much. It's continued to be cold and snowy. Today was rougher than days past. Trucks were stopped just outside town taking off tire chains after making it over Santiam Pass as the snow and wind turned the scene into a white-out within a few minutes. Just an hour before I was in a cycling spin class at the Sisters Athletic Club looking out the window and there wasn't any snow falling. The Cascades have a major effect on storms and once over the crest of the range the full fury is unleashed. It's ironic that I now describe weather events in the area when I detested the amount of newsprint and manpower that my former employer used on a daily basis to report the same thing. I chuckle to myself but keep shooting knowing that I can't photograph scenics or weather exclusively (many photogs around here do). I am working on a project that involves people, however, it's not appropriate to post them yet. For now then, the winter scenes are beautiful and I photograph with my inner purpose of documenting whatever happens as I move on in my life.

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