Saturday, March 10, 2012

Camp Menzies Girl Scout Camp, Arnold, CA

The Girl Scouts USA organization, founded by Juliette Gordon Low, celebrates in 100th anniversary March 12, 2012. She imagined the girls could be united by a "magic thread." Pete Seeger wrote about that too.

Oh, had I a golden Thread
And needle so fine
I've weave a magic strand
Of rainbow design
Of rainbow design.

In it I'd weave the bravery
Of women giving birth,
In it I would weave the innocence
Of children over all the earth,
Children of all earth.

A century later 50 million women have been a part of the experience. My daughter went to Camp Menzies when she was ten. I wanted to know what that experience looked like so I arranged to spend several days at the camp. A female observer was with me constantly, totally understandable given the circumstances. Imagine a place where fun reigns, friendships are made, growth occurs. That was, and hopefully still is, Camp Menzies.


Dallas112263 said...

In 1981 I was headed up Hwy 4 bound for Lake Tahoe accompanied by my wife, Teresa. We were off on our delayed (3 years!) honeymoon and stopped briefly in Arnold. Checking the map, you remember those things..., I noticed a small road, called Summit Level Rd, that seemed to veer off of Hwy 4 to the north, past a lake and then back to Hwy at Camp Connell, just my kind of diversion! No pavement but a good road and so we ventured forth, not noticing the gas gauge was perilously close to the Big E until well into our trip. I had noticed a sign a ways back that said "Camp Menzies" with an arrow pointing north and so I turned the truck around and headed for what I hoped was civilization... Encountering a group of uniformed Girl Scouts we asked if there might be a gas station nearby, and the amused reaction of the now giggling girls told the story as one responded "I don't think so...", and added "Did you know your camper shell door is open?"... Oops... Now having been a Scout myself I was undaunted, knowing the motto "Be Prepared", even if I was not, and I was confident the Girls Scouts were even better prepared! And of course they were, disarming Teresa's distress over the condition of our baggage, and her nice dress, maybe just a bit dusty from the dirt road and that open window, with a nice clothing brush and a gaggle of girls to help her sort it out! And indeed they were able to locate about 3/4 of a gallon of fuel, and by the time we departed, backtracking of course, we owed these girls a debt, one that I gladly pay each year in exchange for some cookies!

I lately, in May of 2012, had reason (a 4 stop tour of the David Nelson Band and Moonalice in Applegate, Portland, Bend and Eugene, in that order) to take many side trips in your neck of the woods, I5 cuts across several fine "loops", most with incredible water along them, no tackle, no license, bummer.. But I'll be back next year! And I'll be prepared!
And thank you for your work...
Robert Gregg Johnson
San Jose CA

Tami B said...

Beautiful pictorial of camp! My daughters are Girl Scouts and I am a proud Girl Scout leader! Your pictures have made my girls very excited to attend camp for the first time this year! (And I'm lucky enough get to attend with them as a volunteer!)

Tami Boccaleoni
Camp Name: Honey Bee :)
Sonora, CA