Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Hawaiian Interlude

Central Oregon has had a fairly mild winter compared to other regions of the country. Nevertheless, the continuous gray and dreary days piled up in January and February creating the urge in many around here to pack up and leave for warmer climates, if just for a week or two. Spring is slow in arriving here, two or three nice days then back to the clouds, rain, 40ยบ temps. Our escape was to Maui for a week and that just isn't enough time. Next winter, two weeks.


Richard said...

Jay: You know how to do it...take a mere week and find the textures, tones & treasures of Maui. Sift thru the touristy, escape the high-density, explore the edges, interior and heights of the island. One week a tease; two weeks mo bettah next time. Delightful discoveries and images of shorelines, creatures, serenity, colors, moods, even Hawaiian "folk music" --slack key-- for the soundtrack. Nice work. Aloha, D. Schmidt

Mary said...

I think you would also really love the island of Kaui and the Big island...There are a lot of places there for good photography as well.