Thursday, January 15, 2009

Farewell to another little friend

By Diane: Today is a sad day in our home. We lost Puss, one of our feline family members to cancer. The disease seemed to come on quickly so we had less than a week to have our last kitty time with her. Puss came into our lives when Allison’s piano teacher got another dog and the combination of two dogs to one cat just did not work. Puss had a great deal of energy and for a time we called her
Jackie Joyner Puss Kitty because she would jump over Noire and race through the house. With age and thyroid pills she settled down. Our cats, Gracie, Puss, and Noire moved with us to Oregon. Now only Noire is left. Although our cats are usually wherever we are, we would call “Pussy Puss-Puss and she would come. She was an affectionate lap cat and always took her fair share of the bed at night. We are grateful to have had the time with her and all the love she gave us. We loved her
right back and she will be missed.


L. Ottaviano said...

I'm sorry for your loss, Diane. I lost a 7-year old cat last March after 1 day of sudden illness. From the pictures and your story, I can tell she shared a happy life with you, and you have wonderful memories of her. That's a lucky cat.
Best wishes for healing,

Chris said...

Big hugs to both you and Jay.